Ichthus is a Friday night youth group and bible study for 9 to 13 year olds. There’s really no such thing as a typical Ichthus evening although the time is generally divided between activity and active learning.

An Ichthus bible study is led either by Rev. Shaun or Rev. Chris. The structure of teaching varies week to week but it will always be centred on the word of God and there will always be time for prayer. The young people are strongly encouraged to ask questions as they grow in faith and St Georges is fully committed in supporting them as they walk the path of a young Christian in the 21st century.

Games play a significant role in Ichthus whether that may mean playing hockey, football, off-ground-touch etc. or more traditional board and party games. Either way, sportsmanship and fair play is encouraged as our young people develop a sense of camaraderie towards one another. It is also an opportunity for children to make friends outside of their regular social circles.

If you’d like your child to attend Ichthus prior arrangement must be made. Please contact Rev. Shaun or Chris for details in filling in a parental consent form.