Offices, rooms and halls

St Georges church building is blessed with having many rooms and spaces of different sizes. At this time, some of these spaces can be hired out. All of these areas have easy access to male, female and disabled toilet facilities as well as a small kitchen.

Joan Langstone Room

The Joan Langstone room is a relatively spacious, well lit conference room. It is furnished with comfortable seating and cafe-style tables. It also has a PC/Mac compatible screen as well as a more traditional whiteboard. This room is perfect for meetings and interviews. Please call the office to enquire about availability and prices.

Church Hall

The church hall is large, well lit and provides the perfect space for many different types of activity. As an example of the types of groups that have used the hall, the hall has played host to free churches, karate groups, youth clubs, scout groups, health & fitness groups, social dinners, Christmas parities and funeral wakes to name but a few. It has direct access to the kitchen which can be used as a serving area. Rental of the hall provides a number of collapsible tables as well as a large amount of seating. Please call the office to enquire about availability and prices.

St Georges offices


St Georges boasts a group of offices that are available to rent. These rooms were formally part of a radio station and have been modified to dampen down sound. As you can see from the photographs, the rooms have large windows and new high output LED lights. The ceilings are also very high (approximately 257cm). As such they provide an open, very well lit, quiet working environment.


Depending on the use of the offices (charities will be given special consideration) the starting rental price for these three very large rooms is £900. Please call 01708 378310 or email for more information. All enquires will be considered.


Room 1

Room 1 is the left adjoining room to the main room. It is incredibly well lit both by three windows and high output LED lights. The room measures approximately 5 meters x 3 meters and 72 centimetres. It would be perfect as a large quiet office space. 



Room 2

Room 2 is the right adjoining room to the main room. It is the smallest of the three rooms but is still generously proportioned being nearly square (approximately 310cm X 317cm). It has a single large window and access to the church main hall. 




Main room

The main room serves as a ‘hub’, with access to both Room 1 and Room 2. It is the largest of the three rooms (381cm X 500cm) and is ideal for office space and reception. This room is well lit and has access to the toilets in its adjoining corridor. There is also access to a small windowless room that could serve well for storage (approximately 319cm X 152cm) (if you were considering a long term rental, the church would be open to the idea of turning this room into a kitchenette).