Christians Against Poverty Money Management

Trouble budgeting and help with debt

The people of St George's Church believe  that we should help people with the things that really concern both us and our neighbours.  One of the things that gives many people sleepless nights is money.  We work with an organisation called Christians Against Poverty to provide budgeting advice so that people can make the most of the money they do have, because most of us could manage our money better.  


The next CAP money course will be running at St George's in November of this year. Exact dates will be available from the Church office.


If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering financial distress beyond what can be helped by good money managment we can still help you with the services offered by Christians Against Poverty (CAP).  This is a free and confidential service available to anyone whether you are a christian, have another faith or none.  No one should have their lives ruined by worry over money. Help is available for you, no matter how bad you might think things are.