The London - Harold Hill Job Club is free for members and facilitated by Christians Against Poverty (CAP).


It is run in association with the local food bank working in partnership with St Georges Church and operates out of St Georges Church Centre each Wednesday between 10 am and 2 pm.


The CAP job Club is a friendly place where people can get practical help as they seek employment. It's a relaxed environment with the chance to meet other job seekers, get some  support and gain the tools needed to find work.


If people are struggling to stay motivated when applying for jobs, are fed up with not hearing back from applications or would like some guidance on how to stand out from the crowd they are able to get the support of a dedicated job club coach.


Whether people have been unemployed for a short time, several years or are yet to enter the world of work we will help them to create a plan that works.


The Job Club is run by trained staff and volunteers who understand the challenges that job seekers are facing and who really want people to succeed.


The approach taken is broadly fivefold:




Job seekers can meet people in similar situations to help and encourage each other.




An 8 week course (about an hour a week) will walk people through each step of the job hunting process - identifying strengths and skills through writing a CV and learning how to succeed in an interview.




Job seekers will have the opportunity of one-to-one informal support from a dedicated CAP Job Club Coach.




The CAP Job Club can also provide valuable opportunities to connect with local employers.




Every week CAP celebrates with people around the UK who are finding employment through CAP job clubs. People who have been helped to maximise their potential and stepped into employment. 


The dedicated London - Harold Hill CAP Job Club phone number is 07921 814009 where people can find out more or leave a message.