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Regular Church Services



There are three regular services at St George’s every week. Each service is unique and is shaped by the ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit. Liturgy is generally used in all of St George’s services. However the church refuses to restrain the work of the Holy Spirit by rigidly adhering to what may or may not be printed on the page of a service book. St George’s follows as the Lord leads.



 Sunday Service  10AM


This is the main service of St George’s. It is worship focused and designed to be as accessible to as many people as possible. There isn’t a Sunday school during this service as the church feels that children should be included as part of the St George’s family as it gathers together on a Sunday. There is typically one Sunday communion service a month and all that have been baptised are welcome to share in the Lord’s Supper. After each service fellowship continues with both hot and cold drinks served in the main church hall. This sociable time that we share we each other is a very important part of our growing church community and we urge newcomers to be part of it (there is often cakeJ!!!).



Tuesday Communion Service  10AM


This service has a more traditional air although it is still highly social and informal. The service broadly follows the communion service from modernised version of the Book of Common Prayer and is held in the main greeting area of the church. Those who gather for this service arrange themselves in a semi-circle around the altar. Being a mid-week service, the congregation is generally smaller (around 15-20 people) and more reflective. Part of this service is dedicated to praying for healing where members of this smaller congregation can contribute with their own prayers or serve the church by lifting up the prayers of others.




Saturday Wellbeing Service NOON


Although this is a communion service, the main focus of this time is on receiving healing and praying for those in need of healing. This service generally takes place in the main chapel around the altar. This service, although quite informal, draws on more reflective elements that lend themselves to allowing people to be open to the healing presence of the Holy Spirit. This is a peaceful and prayerful experience and is highly valued by those seeking to connect with God on a deeper spiritual level.